Proactive R&D provides valuable expertise, equipment and leadership in the field of

Research and Development.

Scope of Services

Astrophysics Instrumentation

Design and procurement of Optomechanical and Cryogenics devices..

Beam Instrumentation

Design and procurement of beam diagnostics devices as, Beam Position Monitor, Faraday Cups and Slits.

Experimental Setups

Design and procurement of experimental setup, integrating different component such as beam conditioning systems, sample positioning devices and detectors.

High Precision Mechanics

Design and procurement of positioning and alignment system, supports or special linear or rotational stages.

Vacuum Technologies

Complete design and procurement of vacuum pipes lines, vacuum vessels, and in-vacuum devices.

Large Experiments Infrastructure Integration

Integration of complex projects within different fields such as Large Apparatus, Large Metallic Structures, Vacuum and Cryogenic Systems.