Proactive R&D proposes an extremely flexible and collaborative framework according to the customer’s needs. We can provide from punctual and specific support within one single phase of the project, until full end-to-end -from concept design to final verification of the hardware- work packages.

We have proven experience in the following fields:

Astrophysics Instrumentation

Design and procurement of Optomechanical and Cryogenics devices.

Beam Instrumentation

Design and procurement of beam diagnostics devices as, Beam Position Monitor, Faraday Cups and Slits.

Experimental Setups

Design and procurement of experimental setup, integrating different component such as beam conditioning systems, sample positioning devices and detectors.

High Precision Mechanics

Design and procurement of positioning and alignment system, supports or special linear or rotational stages.

Vacuum Technologies

Complete design and procurement of vacuum pipes lines, vacuum vessels, and in-vacuum devices.

Large Experiments Infrastructure Integration

Integration of complex projects within different fields such as Large Apparatus, Large Metallic Structures, Vacuum and Cryogenic Systems.

Proactive R&D General Brochure

Proactive R&D Astrophysic Capabilities

Proactive R&D Publications


– Test Measurements of a 20 ms-1 Carbon Wire Beam Scanner.

Johnnatan Duarte de Freitas, Juan Herranz Alvarez, Y Ait-Amira, Mariusz Sapinski, M. Koujili, Danilo Ramos, Abdesslem Djerdir, Jonathan Emery, Bernd Dehning.

10th European Workshop on Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators, Hamburg, Germany, 16 – 18 May 2011, pp.452.



– Design of a High-Precision Fast Wire Scanner for the SPS at CERN.

Veness, R & Chritin, N & Dehning, Bernd & Emery, Jonathan & Herranz, Juan & Koujili, M & Samuelsson, S & Sirvent Blasco, Jose Luis.

International Beam Instrumentation Conference 2012 (IBIC2012), At Tsukuba (Japan).

– Vacuum Actuator and Controller Design for a Fast Wire Scanner.

Dehning, J. Emery, J. Herranz Alvarez, M. Koujili, J.L. Sirvent Blasco CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

– Study of the response of low pressure ionization chambers.

Nebot Del Busto, E; Dehning, B; Effinger, E; Grishin, V; Herranz Alvarez, J.

3rd International Particle Accelerator Conference, New Orleans, LA, USA, 20 – 25 May 2012, pp.888.



– Dynamical Models of a Wire Scanner.

Ana Barjau, Juan Herranz, Bernd Dehning.

Vib. Acoust. Oct 2016, 138(5): 051012 (17 pages).

– Vibration measurements of a wire scanner – Experimental setup and models.

Juan Herranz, Ana Barjau, Bernd Dehninga.

Volumes 70–71, March 2016, Pages 974-994.



– Design and validation methodology of the control system for a particle beam size measurement instrument at the CERN laboratory.

Jonathan Emery ; Ana Barjau ; Bernd Dehning ; Juan Herranz Alvarez ; Pierre-Jean Lapray ; Matteo Macchini.

Conference: 2017 American Control Conference (ACC), At Seattle, WA, USA, USA.




– Diseño y Optimización de una Cámara de Simulación de Atmósfera Espacial for Master’s degree in numerical simulation in science and engineering with COMSOL Multiphysics.

Álvaro Vizcaíno de Julián.


Proactive R&D is a collaborator of the Master’s degree in numerical simulation in science and engineering with COMSOL Multiphysics from the Universidad de Málaga.

We allow the students to participate in real projects of our company with the personal tutoring of Álvaro Vizcaíno de Julián MSc Electronics, and Control Engineer.