High Precision, High Rigidity, Compact UHV linear actuator designed for demanding beam diagnostic instrumentation as Wire Scanners, Beam Position Monitor or Emittance meter Units.

The movable part of this actuator consists on a high precision and extremely rigid guiding system which provide smooth motion and low vibrations.

The actuator is equipped with a CF40 port which allows the installation of different type of feedthrough including fluid feedthroughs.

Additionally, this actuator can be equipped with radiation hard encoder for close loop control application.

We can provide customized actuators according the customer needs including the design of any kind of specific diagnostic to be driven by the actuator.


Main features:

Connection flange: CF100
Feedthrough flange: up to 350 nm
Vacuum range: UHV
Speed: up to 50 mm/s
Accuracy: < 10 μm
Repeatability: 1 μm

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